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Product List

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ProductProduct ID
Access door124
Adjustable frequency drive126
Air cleaner83
Air compressor37
Air conditioning unit - computer room73
Air conditioning unit - package68
Air conditioning unit - split150
Air conditioning unit - split ductless95
Air conditioning unit - VFR182
Air conditioning unit - wall151
Air cooled condenser71
Air cooled condensing unit72
Air dryer & filtration38
Air filter81
Air filter bank82
Air flow measuring station84
Air handler15
Air handler - custom174
Air handler - semi-custom175
Air receiver62
Air separator14
Backflow preventer112
Bath tub106
Blowdown separator153
Boiler - cast iron173
Boiler - condensing200
Boiler - copper fin155
Boiler - fire tube1
Boiler - water tube154
Boiler feed system152
Breeching and stack133
Carbon monoxide monitoring system91
Chemical feeder49
Chemical treatment system50
Chilled beams185
Controls and devices85
Convector - electric31
Convector - hydronic139
Cooling tower67
Damper - fire26
Damper - fire and smoke27
Dielectric insulating fitting142
Drinking fountain104
Drinking fountain - electric105
Duct - grease169
Duct and accessories114
Duct Heater176
Dust collector92
Earthquake valve192
Electric heater116
Emergency shower and eyewash103
Energy recovery units186
Evaporative condenser115
Evaporative cooling systems79
Exhaust system202
Exhaust system - vehicle88
Exhaust system - welding90
Expansion joint57
Fan - air curtain129
Fan - ceiling / roof / wall / inline20
Fan - centrifugal21
Fan - FRP117
Fan - paddle19
Fan - vehicle and welding exhaust22
Fan coil unit16
Filtration / separator181
Finned tube radiation30
Flexible connection58
Gas detection device166
Gas electronics197
Gas filter196
Gas meter189
Gas regulator191
Grease interceptor / trap109
Grille and register24
Heat exchanger40
Heat pump69
Heat pump - water source70
Heat trace tape42
Heating and ventilating unit120
Hood - chemical76
Hood - fume141
Hood - gravity184
Hood - kiln89
Hood - kitchen75
Hood - roof74
Hood - vent183
Hose bib110
Ice / thermal storage equipment17
Infra-red heater - electric64
Infra-red heater - gas32
Lab fixtures199
Leak detection system161
Level Controls188
Louvered penthouse134
Make-up air unit78
Mechanical identification135
Motors & Motor Starters194
No-hub pipe couplings177
Non-chemical water treatment180
Package sewage lift station97
Pipe - double containment48
Pipe - prefabricated insulated underground47
Pipe and pipe fittings - HVAC136
Pipe and pipe fittings - plumbing121
Pipe insulation63
Pipe supports123
Plumbing supplies and accessories165
Pressure guage144
Pressure reducing valve195
Pump - booster8
Pump - centrifugal7
Pump - chemical118
Pump - condensate46
Pump - fire12
Pump - foam178
Pump - high pressure172
Pump - inline2
Pump - jockey13
Pump - prepackaged fire179
Pump - sewage10
Pump - submersible132
Pump - sump11
Pump - vertical non-clog131
Pump - vertical turbine9
Radiant floor system / snow melt system59
Radiant heater80
Refrigerant monitoring system94
Reverse osmosis system93
Roof curb125
Rooftop support systems203
Safety equipment198
Scrubber - air158
Scrubber - fume159
Scrubber - packed tower160
Service sink163
Shock absorber147
Solar heating system60
Sound attenuator65
Sound trap28
Stack economizer156
Steam Traps187
Tank - day61
Tank - expansion3
Tank - fuel storage4
Tank - hot water storage6
Tank - hydropneumatic5
Tank - surge122
Trap primer111
Unit heater - electric34
Unit heater - gas33
Unit heater - hot water35
Unit ventilator29
Vacuum pump55
Valve - seismic140
Valve - themostatic mixing148
Valves and specialties (HVAC/R)44
Valves and specialties (plumbing)43
Variable air volume mixing box86
Variable frequency drive41
Vibration isolation56
Water closet98
Water filtration170
Water hammer arrestor138
Water heater45
Water jetting/blasting systems171
Water meter190
Water softener51